Shoe Tips for Traveling


If you are planning on a trip this summer where you are going to be walking a lot or planning on hitting the local mountain for a day hike, let us help you! We have comfortable and supportive running shoes that can be used as traveling shoes, and trail running shoes that you can use as light hiking shoes. We can take a look at your gait and see how much support you need for your traveling and day hike shoes!

We know when you are traveling, you don’t want to look like you have running shoes on your feet, and you want shoes that will go with most of your clothes on your trip. Luckily, neon colored running shoes are NOT in right now. We have monochrome color options. Also, if you know what shoes you want to wear for your trip but they are not supportive enough, we can fit you into insoles!

We don’t carry heavy duty hiking shoes, but if you are doing a day hike, trail running shoes will do. We also have a couple of waterproof options if you are crossing some creeks. If you are feeling up to running during your hike, you can do that with your trail running shoes! We also have plenty of nutrition options for your hike. 

If you are lounging around beside a pool or on a beach, we also have slides and flip-flops from Hoka that are designed for recovery and provides soft cushion. They are great for plane rides, too!