PNW Fall Running


It’s every PNW runner’s dream. Cooler temperatures, leaves changing colors and the start of race season. Autumn in the Northwest brings about a new level of excitement. It also means darker runs and rainy conditions. 

With day light often starting after or before your run, staying visible is key. Try to incorporate bright colors in your running attire and adding reflective pieces. There are many vests and simple clips that can be attached to your outermost gear. Another option to help stay visible and allow you to see the conditions in front of you are headlamps, hat lights, and even small handheld lights. 

Fall running weather may be sunny and crisp or rainy and windy. And sometimes all of the above in one run. The key is to dress in simple and effective layers. Start with a base layer that helps wick away sweat from your skin like wool or a synthetic fabric. Your outermost layer should be water and wind resistant. There are many jackets like these out on the market that are also lightweight. 

Running in the dark doesn’t have to be intimidating. Carrying a whistle or mace is an option for safety. If you’re not quite ready to adventure out on your own, find a running buddy. With Seattle being so run friendly, there are many local run groups to check out. Or better yet, come join our Monday and Tuesday Night runs to meet new run friends and enjoy the changing seasons!

Autumn in the Northwest is a great opportunity to tackle new goals, focus on all the fun runs in the area and meet new run buds! Stop by the store to check out our supply of reflective gear and newest fall running attire. 

Cassandra Lowery