Our Mission

 The mission of Super Jock ‘n Jill has always been to find the best products and bring the highest level of service and knowledge to our great customer base. What started out as a running store in 1975 has developed into a place for walkers, runners, track and field athletes and others to come find the best footwear and apparel options. Whether you are training to run your first marathon or want walk your first 5k we are excited to help you get there. We will take whatever time needed to help you find the correct products to match your needs.

Community is a big part of what motivates us. As a small local company we feel an obligation to be more than just a retail store. We provide support for events, local Track and Cross Country teams and donate hundreds of shoes to different organizations throughout the greater Seattle area each year. We want to help as many people stay active and healthy as we can. We are a great resource if you need info on local events, new running or walking courses, are in need of a Personal Trainer or Physical Therapist or just need a good place to eat in the area.

We opened up our second and only other store in Redmond, WA in 2014. We are excited to become a big part of the community there as we have in Seattle.

Customer Service is what has set Super Jock ‘n Jill apart for the last 40+ years.  We take pride in having a great staff that can help you with the questions you have and find products that match your needs.  Everything we do from our buyers to our floor employees is centered around finding you the best products at the best value.  We have and never will try to sell you something you don’t need. 

Our greatest investment is in the personal relationships we develop with customers and our community
Laurel James (Founder, right) and her son Chet James (current owner, left) from 1980

Laurel James (Founder, right) and her son Chet James (current owner, left) from 1980