Bra Fitting


Getting a bra is like getting shoes. Just like everyone has different feet that need different support, everyone has different body shapes that need different types of bras. Just like you need to get fitted for shoes, you need to get fitted for bras in order to find the right one. Especially for impact activities like running, it is important to get a perfect bra that will give you the support that you need. If you are wearing double bras, have a bra where the straps consistently slip off the shoulders, or get chafing even if the bra is new, you probably haven’t found a perfect bra.

If you are not sure about how your sports bra should fit, here are some guidance:

How the band should fit

When you are trying on a bra, make sure the band is lying flat and snug. If it’s too loose or it’s riding up, the strap needs to be adjusted or try a different band size. Chafing can occur by wearing a loose band.

How the cups should fit

When you put on a bra, make sure you scoot up your breasts in to the cups and get them centered. If they are spilling out of the cups, the bra is too small. The breast tissue needs to be fully covered without wrinkles/pucker on the fabric. If the band is fitting perfectly but cups are not, you can always try size up or down in cup size.

How the straps should fit

The straps should not slip or dig into your shoulders. You get most of your support from the band, not the straps. So if you feel the strap is giving you support, you might want to go down in the band size to get proper support. The straps need to be comfortable!

Afraid of an underwire?

Some runners are afraid of underwire sports bra, but it is a great supportive bra if you get the right size. Make sure it sits flat against the body.

How to take care of your bra

To get most of your bra, it is better to hand wash it. If not, put it in a mesh washing bag for delicate. And don’t put it in the dryer. Just hang dry it.

How often you should replace your bra?

Typically it lasts about 8-10 months with correct care. When the band stretches out, you are not getting the support that you need. If you start experiencing chafing along the band, it means time to get a new bra!

At Super Jock n Jill, we have trained staff who can fit you into a perfect bra. Feel free to ask us about bras! We can also schedule a bra fitting for you.

Conner Cayson