How to Buy Shoes

This guide is intended to help you through the process of buying shoes at Super Jock ‘N Jill, tell you what to expect at our store and address a few common questions. That being said, it is still just a guide. Every customer and every experience is individualized and unique.


What to Bring

Please bring your old shoes, a sock of similar thickness and material as you typically use, any orthotic or foot-bed you have been putting in your shoe and clothes that you feel comfortable moving in, after all this will be an interactive experience!

Watching you move in a simple, soft and flexible shoe allows us to see how your foot moves on the platform of a shoe and gives us an idea of which types of shoes might best support your foot.

What to Expect

Every fitting starts with us asking a few questions about you. Understanding your intended use, previous equipment and any past or present injuries helps us to better address your footwear needs. Once we get a sense of your goals and shoe expectations it’s time for a little gait analysis

After the initial gait analysis we will bring out several recommendations of potential shoes. In order to sort through these various options we send you out the door and have you walk, run, or jog up and down the hill on the side of our store. The goal is to find a shoe which you do not notice very much on your foot, one which feels natural, smooth and comfortable.

Return Policy

We are committed to finding the right shoe for you.  When you purchase a shoe from us we encourage you to use it as you would (not just inside) to make sure it works.  Shoes often feel better after they are worn a few times, so using them 5 or 6 times will usually give you a better idea how they will feel.  If they aren’t working for you we encourage you to come back. 


The majority of the shoes we carry cost right around $120 with a few falling above or below.

How Long Shoes Last

The shoes are designed to last most people around 400 miles, although this can vary based on the shoe or the person wearing it.

Types of Shoes

From extremely minimalist to maximally supportive, we have all types of shoes at Super Jock ‘N Jill. Our inventory is hand selected by our buying team in order to get you the very best options from each brand at the best value for your dollar.